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Are they cheating, or is it another type of problem?

In order to move ahead with your life you must first determine what exactly is going on in your relationship. To be fair to your partner & yourself you need to first determine if the problem is infidelity, drugs, alcohol, gambling, excessive work, etc...before you make accusations. One of the most efficient ways to determine what is really going on is to use a covert tracking device to monitor your spouse's vehicle movements.

Several easy to use GPS Tracking Devices are available for rent (or purchase) that you can place on your spouse's car to monitor their movements. Detaiiled reports showing locations, addresses, and times will help you get a better understanding of what is going on.

If your spouse has a violent or irrational temper we suggest you use a professional investigator to provide tracking and surveillance. Your safety, and the safety of your family, is more important than saving a few dollars. In your situation being confrontational may lead to problems. We have a list of very helpful links for anyone that may need to hire a Private Investigator, Click Here to view the best links on the web!

Will the problem ruin your relationship?

With reliable proof in hand you must decide your next move. Are you willing to confront your spouse and try to work things out? If your spouse has a violent temper or is irrational, do not attempt to confront them without help nearby.

If your spouse has a sincere interest in working things out, you may wish to visit a professional to try and mend your relationship. You can Click Here for a list of respected Professional Counseling Services

If divorce is the final solution...

If the decision is made to separate and ultimately divorce you will need a special type of Attorney to handle a family situation. You can Click Here for links to Lawyers who specialize in a family divorce situation.

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